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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  October 18, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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. good evening everyone. it was a fire that could be seen for miles. that apartment complex under construction up in flames to. night fire investigators say they have a person of interest in this case. we're joined live with who they're looking for tonight. lauren. >> reporter: there is not much left of the buildings. fire crews are still here look started and they please want to talk to a young man who was seen in the area just before it break out. the smoke and flames coming from the pick & rollly constructed condo community could be seen for miles. five buildings still under construction caught fire saturday night. >> i was just kind of sad. i feld bad because we see it everyday. we work here at the clinic. it thought it was so
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then have it burn down. >> reporter: gilbert fire said they're not ready to say if arson is the cause. >> we're investigating all leads at this time. >> reporter: atf is helping investigate that possibility. >> it's very much an active investigation. they'll start first thing in the morning. >> reporter: they think he's between 16-21 years he's not a suspect, they just want to talk to him. >> it's just kind of sad. they're trying to bring other people downment it could have hurt someone but luckily it didn't. >> reporter: gilbert fire says if you have any information on the fire give them a call. lauren reimer, cbs 5 news. >> thank you lauren many we want to get you to breaking news out of southern
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this new brushfire burning in the potreroer ranch area, about 35 miles northeast of los angeles. la fire just got crews on the scene in the area and they've been doing water drops. this area has mountains and allotted of homes and we'll keep you updated. >> mr. trump, we've got some very bad news for you. not only are the election on november 8th but you and your billionaire friends and large multinational corporations are going to start paying their fair share of taxes. >> bernie sanders ended his campaigning in tucson trying to help hillary clinton turn our
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his message is that hillary clinton is the only choice for president. he started off in flagstaff speak to a crowd of excited nau en students. he talked about making college affordable, fix the tax system and raise the minimum wage. he also said this election is much bigger than trump or clinton. he said it's what we do the day after november 8th that helps to set tomorrow chelsea clinton will be in the valley at 1:15 at the arizona ballroom at the memorial union. also tomorrow, the final presidential debate of this election. this is video coming in from las vegas where trump and clinton will faceoff before the
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university of nevada and will be moderated by chris wallace. we'll get caught up on everything you need to know with a 90 minute special. we'll start at 9:00. >> gop nominee donald trump continues to make unsubstantiated claims that this year's election is rigged and now the office is flooded with people whop want to be almost one thousand volunteers. fewer than 100 volunteered the last time. they're there to represent a political party and ensure that the vote is done fairly and accurately. they're trained by each party and must be approved by the party chairman. the spike happened just in the last few days. >> trump supporters have a very
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him. they're making sure they get in there and are sure that it's fair in arizona. >> the arizona democratic party says they have signed up about 200 people which is about average average. >> some ballots were presented with a wrong return date. the deadline is november 8th. the county is sending outleters to everyone >> we are getting answers on first lady michelle obama's visit. there will be a rally this friday at 2:30. stay on top of this week's eventment get breaking news updates by down leding our free mobile app and click on the campaign 2016 icon. >> caught on camera asmash and
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tucson. surveillance video capture add man on video using rock to get into the store. police say the total loss in damages and merchandise is be about $11,000. >> a valley man is missing after his boat capsized while sailing in hawaii. charles lock lehr went missing on saturday. the 26-year-old was not seen again. his family is meeting with decision could be made to call off the search. >> this woman, 63-year-old cheryl cheatham was caught with $500,000 worth of cocaine in her luggage. she was flying from las vegas to detroit. she's been convicted on drug charges in the past and she's been in trouble here in arizona for shop lifting and theft.
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scottsdale are banned from the state playoffs and tonight pair represents are call the move unfair. derek shawl joins us live with details. >> good evening, the arizona interscholastic association decided to put notre dame prep on probation for two rule violations. parents say the violations were caused by school players. tuesday practice at notre dame prep ended with a prayer one day after the verdict from the arizona interscholastic association. the problem started shortly after notre dame tweet add picture in june of a summer school p.e. class where players were in full pads. they can only be held during certain times of year.
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violation. >> none of this was brought about by the kids and yet the alleged adults in the room company only come up with something that punishes the kids. >> reporter: notre dame is in the midst of a very good season, 6-2 overall. >> they've done everything they've been asked. they showed up at every practice, execut they're pay the price of the leadership of these two gentlemen. >> reporter: several parents said the president of notre dame and the head coach should be held aplease countable. now players and parents are pray the post season ban can some how be lifted. we reached out to the school's head coach and he referred us to the school's president.
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notre dame has ten days to appeal. the parents say there is a press please dent of the lifting of the post season ban. it only happened after the school fired some key administrators. >> you have to feel bad for the kids caught in that. president obama held his final state dinner tonight for the prime minister of president obama and first lady had 13 official state dinners. >> time to check the forecast. i'm steve gary in tonight for paul who is working at the car wash. that's a great place to go for the charity event. 88 was the average high, we're two degrees above that at 930. here is your day planer. starting off in the 630s for the morning hour, back up into the 90s in the afternoon with
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forecast a.bit of a change that we have coming in tomorrow, windings. they'll pick up along the colorado arrive ever valley, gusts up to 40 miles per hour. maybe a little wind over the mountains late in the afternoon hours. also counsel towards globe. as the ridge of high pressure builds in we get the winds around it maybe the upper 90s and then be cool down after the weekend. tonight mostly clear across the entire state with 30s in the upper elevations, flagstaff and the grand canyon. statewide, 77 in prescott, 87 in stafford, 92 for your wednesday, 96 on thursday and upper 90s alittle hot for
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80s next week. >> it's 10:10 zambrano you're caught up and ready to tackle your wednesday. stick around to see the video that people will be talking about tomorrow at an historic hotel. >> a dramatic end to a police chase this the woman driving this stolen car guess off the freeway into an apartment complex. >> coming
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allegations against pinal county sheriff paul babeu. paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. accusations of widespread abuse at a massachusetts private school. she is sick of hearing sheriff paul babeu lie. another headache, the fbi has subpoenaed records. lawsuits regarding abuse and neglect. questions of babeu's integrity. new page of controversy. a question of judgment. ultimately voters are going to have to decide if he's the type of candidate they want in congress.
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. sean mclaughlin, kris pickle, you're watching cbs 5 news at 10:00. >> caught on cam raleigh out at texas, video of a wild end to a police chase. the vehicle flies off the interstate and bam! right into the apartment complex. the driver stole the pick up and hit three vehicles on the
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but she was tased and arrested. >> caught on camera awould be thief is caught red handed after breaking into a cabin in crown king. jeff van zandt shows us how they caught the guy. >> reporter: crown king, population, not too many. >> just relaxing in the mountains. it's nice to city. >> reporter: in this tiny town a piece of history, the local watering hole that's been around for 110 years. >> customers come in and start looking at the pictures on the wall >> reporter: it's usually quiet but not so much early monday morning. busting thru a back door, investigators say sean made himself at home. >> this is where he kicked the
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saloon >> reporter: the guy roamed around the saloon for more than two hours going room to room. >> these are the original doors. we're not going to putz that back together like it was. >> reporter: he destroyed things that can never be replaced he even makes himself a beer and has a couple sodas. >> it's lik thinking? he's not doing necessarily anything. it was bizarre. >> reporter: he try today take off with cash, cameras and merchandise but in the end there is only one way out of town and folks blocked it until the cops took him in. >> this is our town.
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not necessarily putting down their phones. nearly 730% of teenagers admitted to using apps while driving. they believe they're not kiss subtracting. the most common apps used by teens are music and navigation. >> even a short glimpse away from the roadway can have a profound impact on your ability to respond. i felt like i shouldn't doing it. >> experts say that parent should encourage their teenagers to program the navigation apps before they start driving. >> check this out. drivers in mexico city are sharing congested freeways with drones. that's right. take a look. they're hovering over the cars. it's an ad for the ride share company, uber, that says there
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people shared rides. mexico's drone laws are not as strict as ours. >> if you live in gilbert and have questions about a proposed freeway project, tomorrow you can get answers. theses want a freeway interchange near the loop 202. a committee meeting takes place tomorrow at the southwest regional library 5:30-7:00. >> a scam alert tonight as peoria police warn people about a jury duty scam. they say someone calling people pre tendsing to be a police sergeant. they tell the victim they failed to appear for jury duty and must pay a fine electronically o're over the phonement if you get a call like this hang up and call police. >> we have answers for you
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phoenix college is hosting job fair tomorrow at their campus from 9:00-1:00 p.m.. more than 30 valley companies will be on hand. also happening tomorrow, you can save a few busch stadium at the arizona state fair if you bring four canned food items you can get in for free. this is happening every wednesday during fair's run. all the donated to the st. mary's food bank. >> they have been writing and playing original music here in the valley for more than two decades. it was features on the drama "ncis" tonight. we caught up with them about the meaning behind their new
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>> we get a call mylan the record label and says hey, good news, "ncis" picked up "concerned" and it's going to be on tuesday night. you know the older you get i think you get a little more jaded. you might be concerned that you're not concerned about things that you maybe concerned about, you know. i think that's where the lyrics kind of lie in that vibe. we played with the blossoms back in the day when we were all just bar bands. it's more than just sex, drug and rock n' roll. we've hit all those bullet points as well.
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keep doing it if it's not your true passion. it's a testament to longevity and tenacity and it's a good lesson for just staying in the game. we're in a good spot right now. >> they sound great. >> coming up next, you answered the call for it forward.
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. >> it's day two for the car wash out of the desert ridge market place. it was a record turn out as paul helps to pay it forward to big brothers and big sisters of arizona. >> it's a big success here. we have three days left of our wonderful car wa. oh, man, this band was just awesome tonight. a big thanks to analog outlaws. we can not forget about our wonderful volunteers. we're located at the market place just off of tatum. look for us here at desert ridge market place.
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gary for that. >> thank you paul. if you want to help pay it forward donate on our smartphone app and if you want your car clean, paul and his volunteer already at the desert ridge market place, 4:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. for the rest of the week. >> the coyotes had the luxury of starting off the new year on home ice and came away with win and things got real as they headed out for a ten day six game road trip. toby leader put back the rebound, coyotes up 1-0. watch mike smith. he gets tangled up and goes down.
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ice. louie takes over and the coyotes lose 7-4. cardinal fans still buzzing about this run by david johnson. he's turned into a monster and a work horse. >> it's the way we want to play. it's always been the way we wanted to play, run the football, play action and ta have not changed our philosophy at all. >> stop me if you've heard this before. asu steals signs is. todd graham says they do but do it legally. that didn't stop the head coach of the washington state cougars to get involved in the conversation and imply the devil may take it further.
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the rules, period. obviously we take a great deal of pride and integrity that our program has. i'm not going to get involved in things like that that are ridiculous. >> game three of the nlcs tonight in la. dodgers hosting the cubs with jake arrieta on the in the 24 grandal goes down and he's going to get this one and hit it over 400 feet.. 6-0 the final, cubbies shutout for the second straight game. toronto trying to avoid being shutout by the indians.
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sexual assault and rape. out-of-control corrections officers arrested. but not one served a day of time. sweetheart deals, because, with county attorney bill montgomery, some people are above the law, making us all less safe. there's a better choice -- diego rodriguez, a career prosecutor who believes in tough sentences for violent crime and equal justice under the law.
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. i tell you, these mornings
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fall-like and it should be nice. still warm by friday, close to the century mark,ed 7. a little warm but nice next week. >> but it's not raining on the car wash. that's what we care about. have a great night and thank you for joining us. good night. i learned as a police officer and a businessman you should never abuse people's trust. unfortunately, today too many politicians either serve their party or themselves, and arizona families suffer. the arizona republic called paul babeu a disgrace. babeu spent $28,000 of taxpayer money at a five-star resort and was questioned by the fbi for using public money to promote himself.
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james p. walsh: to keep our community safe - we need a sheriff who will put fighting violent crime ahead of his own political agenda. paul penzone has been a decorated crime-fighter for over 20 years. a police officer, undercover investigator, and dea task force agent of the year. paul penzone caught murderers, put drug kingpins behind bars, and created award-winning programs that protect our community.
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t our safety first. captioning sponsored by cbs >> announcer: attention, samsung galaxy 7 users. recenlty, we issued a recall of our galaxy note 7 smartphones. we are providing return kits in order to ensure your safety, along with this instructional video. step one: put on the safety gloves included with the return kit. step two: put on another pair of dplostles step three: tell your wife you love her. now you're ready to start packing! step foyer: ging oral pick up phone using the complimentary


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